The future can be a scary thing for most people to talk about. We don’t know what the world will be like so most of us don’t like thinking that far ahead. That changes though once we think about our vision for our lives. Talking of personal dreams, hopes and ambitions are more fun and they’re things we really look forward to. We feel that’s something within our control.


But even when it’s not, or when the uncertainty of the future overwhelms, it’s good to know an old friend will be there for us. Fifty years hence, Boncafé will still be there to provide quality European gourmet coffee to the world. Like the fulfilment of your hopes and dreams, that’s a promise that you can look forward to.

Boncafe is a trusted name of coffee in Malaysia. Our company is a coffee supplier and coffee powder supplier with a huge array of coffee in different variations for our customers. The coffee from Boncafe is specially blended and manufactured to bring top quality flavour and taste to customers for a great experience in coffee drinking.

Our coffee products come in the form of coffee bean, coffee powder and capsule coffee.

With the effort to complete our coffee products, Boncafe supplies different kinds of coffee machines such as espresso machines, coffee vending machine, commercial coffee machine and automatic coffee machine.

With our full range of coffee maker machines and high quality coffee bean and powder, Boncafe brings coffee drinking alive and more enjoyable. We make to make coffee drinking a pleasure experience with greater convenience in preparation and availability.